Rose Clay Boobi Mask
Rose Clay Boobi Mask

Rose Clay Boobi Mask

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Get Intimate with your Breast Friends using our exclusive Rose Clay Boobi Mask

The Rose Clay Boobi Mask is an amazing way to nourish your breasts. Simply mix this nutritious Himalayan rose clay mask mix with water to create a personalized masks for your boobis. Mix with warm water and massage into a moisturizing mask for a relaxing, natural way to pamper your breasties. For best results, leave on for five minutes and rinse in the shower!

USE FOR: Breast nourishment, re-hydration, easing stretch marks, and general bosom wellness!

  • Breast & Body-safe, paraben, and paraffin-free.
  • Specially designed for Routine Breast Massage or as a nourishing skin treatment.
  • Provides 100% organic nutrition that penetrates deep into the breast tissue and skin.