Amelia Coomber, CEO & Founder

A Computer scientist by day and entrepreneur by night, Amelia founded Boobi Butter in December of 2016 after she witnessed the massive lack of resources available for women under 40 in regards to early detection and breast cancer. She was outraged to find that even the top breast cancer organizations didn't have a single reference or educational guide to teach young women how they can protect themselves. With this outrage came a passion for change and she created that change through Boobi Butter, their mission, and products. 

Hayley Miller, CMO 

A software engineer, feminist and cartographer, Hayley joined the Boobi Team in early 2018 after being a long time advocate for women's health, wellness, and empowerment. Hayley is Boobi Butter's Chief Marketing Officer and spends her days repping the Boobi Tee. Passionate about encouraging self-love throughout the female community, Hayley inspires others to take control of their breast health and find strength in the miracles of womanhood.



Averi Greene, Social Media Expert

An expert in all things women and worldly, Averi brings energy and experience to the team. She is currently pursuing degrees in Gender & Women's Studies and International Studies at the University of Denver. Averi joined the BB team enthusiastic about making a difference at her university. She is a rock star as the head of our Social Media & Outreach team, bringing the BB community and global mission to life. Check out some of the stellar BB content she is curating on our Instagram page @BoobiButter.



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