Boobi Butter chooses partners who share our mission to empower women to take control of their wellness! We especially love giving back to the breast cancer community and are thrilled to be involved with a network of empowered women.



Tara Dunsmore : Pink Ink Tattoo

Pink Ink Tattoo is an areola tattooing practice. The Boobi Butter team is proud to partner with its founder, Tara Dunsmore! We love the way this passionate woman shaped her journey with breast cancer. Our team worked alongside Tara at a fundraiser, Drink4Pink, in October and donated over $700 to the event to raise money for UNCRex Healthcare Pink Ribbon Fund.

 If you are a breast cancer survivor looking for better areola tattooing options, or just wondering about her amazing journey, Tara is your girl.

Julia and Tara

"When I founded Pink Ink Tattoo I knew I wanted to help women feel beautiful, never did I expect anything in return especially all of the amazing women and blessings that have come into my life." ~Tara Dunsmore



World Wide Breast Cancer- Know your Lemons

Our mission: Educate every woman about breast cancer by overcoming taboo, fear and low literacy worldwide. 

Want to help us save more lives by making our powerful education tools available to more women?

Use code: LEMONS at checkout and 10% of profits will go to their nonprofit organization. 





Through good humor and thoughtful design, Polite Tumor supports young women by alleviating some of the financial impact breast cancer has on their lives. All donations will assist our mission of covering the cost of the medical deductible for patients or survivors under the age of 40. In a time when the future of healthcare is uncertain, it is our mission to give these young women one less thing to worry about during their fight with cancer. 

Our Story

Hi! I'm Elissa. In December of 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was 31 and focused on things that young people do like planning my next vacation, updating my bitmoji, and kicking ass at work. After sorting through the reality that yep, I had breast cancer, I decided to do what any aging millennial would do; I started a blog. My goal was to keep people informed and in the process of doing so, I found much more. Gratitude, sadness, reality, frustration, and above all else, humor - my guiding light through the ugliness. 

How could I ever tell people how much their support meant to me? What words could I conjure to express the level of deep appreciation I have for their love and generosity? As I began to collect these thoughts and write thank you cards, the idea for Polite Tumor was born. 

We're a group of young creatives, directly and indirectly, impacted by breast cancer, combining our hilarious jokes and witty banter with pretty cards and beautiful design. 

Use code: POLITETUMOR at checkout and 10% of profits will go to their nonprofit organization. 



Prairie Wear Bras 

At Prairie Wear, we are here to support journeys of change through recovery to new horizons. We make post-surgical compression & active recovery bras and binders to help women feel secure and be confident. Our high-tech & versatile bras are designed to balance targeted compression and create wearable comfort. 


Shay Sharpes Pink Wishes

Shay Sharpe's Pink Wishes is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that educates, advocates, mentors, supports, shares resources and grants wishes to children & young women who have been affected by terminal breast cancer.

Learn about Shay's Story Here.

Use code: SHAY at checkout and 10% of profits will go to their nonprofit organization. 



The Billow (breast+pillow) is a pillow specifically designed to provide relief and support to women who have breast discomfort resulting from surgery (including mastectomy, reconstructive, augmentation or reduction), nursing and breast size.

Marnie: Founder & CEO, Billow Global

Marnie is a former Wall Street professional, thyroid cancer survivor and breast cancer previvor.  Breast cancer is particularly close to Marnie’s heart as her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40 and she and her mother both carry the BRCA gene mutation. In August 2013 Marnie had a preventative double mastectomy and subsequent reconstructive surgeries to decrease her risk of getting breast cancer. Through her own experience, she realized that other patients needed relief and to regain confidence again post surgery.

Marnie designed the Billow (breast+pillow) to provide comfort and support to women with breast discomfort resulting from surgery, nursing or breast size.  Her company Billow Global, Inc. has been providing this much-needed product to patients worldwide.




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