What Is Boobi Butter?

BOOBI BUTTER is a female-founded, Colorado-based company that makes
breast health easy, fun, and empowering. We encourage women to perform regular
breast-massages and self-checks with our nourishing topical Boobi products. Our company makes and sells all-
natural lotion specifically designed to keep breast tissue soft, supple, and healthy. Every
product is made with the best organic ingredients shown to decrease inflammation
and increase circulation when used topically. Learn more about our ingredients here.

OUR MISSION is to translate awareness into action. We help women get to
know what’s normal for their breasts so they are in the best position to detect
what’s not. To us, action means knowing your boobs like the back of your hand.
We encourage this by teaching people how to perform breast-massages, and
what to do when they find something abnormal. BOOBI BUTTER makes breast-
massages an obvious and necessary addition to every woman’s wellness routine.


SUBSCRIBERS to the Boobi Box get a fun reminder to perform regular self-
exams delivered directly to their door every three months. The box includes our
signature salve, breast massage oil, informational how-to guides, and a mirror
sticker to record and track changes. There is a seasonal surprise included in every
box to make breast health with BOOBI BUTTER something to look forward to!  




The Boobi Babes


Amelia founded Boobi Butter in December of 2016 after she witnessed the massive lack of resources available for women under 40 in regards to early detection and breast cancer. She was outraged to find that even the top breast cancer organizations didn't have a single reference or educational guide to teach young women how they can protect themselves. With this outrage came a passion for change and she created that change through Boobi Butter, their mission, and products. 


Thanks for reading about us! If you have any questions about us, our mission, or want to get involved, send an email to amelia@boobibutter.com.

With love,

The Boobi Babes  🌸