Feel It On The First: Take Action Against Breast Cancer

With no known cure, early detection of breast cancer is key to increasing rates of survival. Practices like mammograms, clinical breast exams, and breast-self exams remain the most effective practices in identifying the early stages of breast cancer. The tumor size, and thus the stage the cancer is in, greatly affects prognosis. According to the American Cancer Society the 5-year survival rate greatly decreases as the stages progress:

  • Stage 0 – 93% 5-year survival rate
  • Stage I — 88% 5-year survival rate
  • Stage IIA — 81% 5-year survival rate
  • Stage IIB — 74% 5-year survival rate
  • Stage IIIA — 67% 5-year survival rate
  • Stage IIIB — 41% 5-year survival rate
  • Stage IIIC — 49% 5-year survival rate
  • Stage IV — 15% 5-year survival rate

What is a Breast-Self Exam?

Well, it’s just what it sounds like. It’s the examination of one’s own breasts via looking at and feeling for any changes in the appearance and tissues of the breast. This practice is key to early detection and can be performed regularly in the comfort of your own home.  Looking first, to identify any distortions of the nipple, discharge from the nipple, redness or anything that may appear out of the ordinary. Next, actually feeling the breast or any hard lumps, texture changes, pain, abnormal heat, or irregularities.

What Is #FeelItOnTheFirst?

Many or most of you probably know of the engaging, careful, and supportive social media community surrounding breast cancer survivors, previvors and breast health advocates on social media. #FeelItOnTheFirst is a fun way for members of that community to connect over a common mission: Encouraging the women in their lives to check in on their breasts monthly via a breast-self exam to detect for any lumps, bumps or abnormalities!

So, Where Does Boobi Butter Come In?

Boobi Butter and BB Serum are the ideal products to aid in your next breast exam. Simply spread two drops of your BB Serum or Creme evenly across your chest and up towards your collarbone. Using the pads of your fingers, perform small circular motions, pressing firmly. Cover the entire breast area starting from the outer armpits, moving to the nipples, then across to the space between your breasts. Then vertically, starting from your collarbone moving down to below the breasts.

What Makes Boobi Butter Best?

BB products use specific organic, natural ingredients. From base oils to essential oils, to real flowers. The ratio of ingredients allows for peak absorption into the breast tissue and provides a viscosity level ideal for full breast coverage. The essential oils we use, (including rosehip, flaxseed, and frankincense) increase circulation, decrease inflammation, and fuel breast tissue. All while containing no artificial preservatives, fragrances, GMOs, or parabens.  

Boobi Butter is committed to educating women on the necessity of breast health. Our products aim to promote ritualistic breast care routines by giving your girls the love and energy that they deserve. By increasing blood circulation, and lymphatic circulation, reducing stress, and producing “the love hormone”, oxytocin, Boobi Butter products will truly become your breast friend.


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