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I just tried Boobi Butter for the first time tonight!  I love everything about this product! I didn't just put it on my was also amazing on my 50 year old sun damaged arms. Like really amazing.

Amy, Customer

Boobi Butter is honestly the softest things I have ever used on my foobs. The formula is soft as silk and isn’t greasy.

Irina, Breast Cancer Survivor & BRCA-1 Advocator

My all time favorite is the Boobi Butter because it is so versatile. It smells so much like lavender which is calming and it doesn't leave my hands or boobs or other parts greasy. I would use this everywhere, the oil only on boobs and the other cream on muscles and feet.

Laura, Customer

With the hustle and bustle of this season it’s easy to forget about yourself and your self care routine. I’m a huge proponent of practicing what I preach so Boobi Butter was a reminder I needed! A reminder to be good to yourself to practice self care, love and breast awareness everyday. I’ve already put this fantastic breast salve to good use!

Kathleen, Customer

Boobi Butter products smell great and it’s a pretty reminder to do self exams. 

Nicole, Customer & BRCA-1 Previvor

I’m starting my week off with a little pampering to prepare for the week ahead. My routine usually consists of my silky @anaonointimates robe, a face-mask, and showing my scars some love with my @boobibutter! I’m OBSESSED

Jennifer, Customer & Previvor

Who said breast health has to be boring or scary??? I love what Boobi Butter is doing and their Magical, Flowery, Boobi Rollers are incredible. Great for massaging foobs, boobs, nipplies, and scars. Packed with essential oils that contain phytonutrients and antioxidants! 100% organic, paraben free, plant & oil goodness! 🙌🏻

Jessica, Customer

Y’all, if you're a woman, man, hairless dog, whatever, you NEED to try their stuff. It’s a kit to help you do breast self-checks each month and this stuff smells amazing. There’s a breast serum with a beautiful shimmer, as well as a breast salve/cream. Not only can you use it for the chest, but you can use it as a facial moisturizer and scar treatment too! Their customer service is top notch too.

Amber, Customer

All of our ingredients are organic, all-natural, & vegan.

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