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Fuel your breast tissue with the only lotion specifically designed to nourish and protect your boobies.

Butter Me Up

Remember the three pillars of breast health to become your best self.


Applying BOOBI BUTTER every day helps you stay in touch with what your breasts normally feel and look like. Knowing your normal is essential.


Massaging your breasts is one of the best ways to keep them healthy! Regular self massages increase blood-flow and help drain your lymphatic system.


Using BOOBI BUTTER products for your massages helps reduce inflammation and detox your breast tissue. Learn more about our ingredients here.

The BOOBI BOX is the best way to kickstart your breast health.

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What we stand for


Translate awareness into action. It's time to take control of your breast health. Routine self-breast massages allow you to know what's normal for your boobs so you can be ready to detect something that's not. It could save your life!


BOOBI BUTTER products are the best for your breast. Phytonutrient rich with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, everything BOOBI BUTTER creates will make your boobies feel pampered! 

The Boobi Box


Every subscription allows BOOBI BUTTER to educate more women about the importance of breast health. We believe every woman should have access to the education needed to take action!


I just tried Boobi Butter for the first time tonight!  I love everything about this product! I didn't just put it on my was also amazing on my 50 year old sun damaged arms. Like really amazing.


All of our ingredients are organic, all-natural, & vegan.

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